Frequently asked questions:

As radio decoding specialists we are often asked a range of questions. Here are some helpful questions and answers that may be useful for you.

Why has my radio lost the code?

The main reason for this is a flat or disconnected battery, a fault in the vehicle resulting in the power being lost to the radio, or someone removing the radio fuse in the vehicle fuse box.

Are there any master reset codes to unlock my radio?

No. For security reasons, generally there are no ''master'' reset codes. (There are one or two exceptions to this but those cars are quite old now and unlikely to still be on the road in any great numbers).

What if the car dealer has given me a code and it doesn't work?

It's possible the radio in the car is not the one originally fitted by the manufacturer. Alternatively the code may have been previously decoded and the code changed. The only option available now is to have the radio manually decoded. We can do this for you.

How many attempts are normally allowed to enter the correct code?

This differs from each manufacturer. Generally speaking two or three attempts then the set starts to lock up for longer after each further attempt. Usually up to a maximum of ten chances are allowed but please be aware some radios will only give one or two attempts before locking. We can clear the lock timer and reset the radio to accept the code, some sets are scrapped when they reach the maximum number of attempts at entering the code. It is unwise to keep guessing the code you only make our job harder and potentially cost more.

Can I choose my new radio code?

In some cases it is possible to have a new code chosen by yourself. In a lot of cases it is not possible to change the code. If you want a code of your own choosing please ask at the time of booking and we will be able to offer advice. It is not possible for the customer to change their own code, we use specialised equipment to do this.

Can’t I just put it in the freezer, my mate down the pub said it would work?

This is an urban myth, with some truth in though! Some of the very first coded radios would work without entering a code after the set was frozen. Manufactures realized this and changed the radios so this would no longer work. DON’T even try this, it will NOT work and nor will your radio afterwards!! You have been warned.  

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